The Goss on Dee

Well here's more about me!  I've been married since 1978 to my wonderful husband Stefan. We have two adult sons, one recently married - no grandchildren (yet) though we do have a Granddog who we babysit regularly.  We have our own earthmoving business which we run from home. I "do" the paperwork under the supervision of our Jack Russel "Rocky". 
I love most craft, particularly Decorative Painting, Cardmaking and Scrapbooking, Egg Decorating, Beading and the one I have done the longest: Cake Decorating.
On Wednesday mornings it's craft at Dee's place: officially it is a decorative painting class, which I have been running for six years or so (the last four from my home studio) but in reality it is a good chance for morning tea and whatever craft takes our fancy - sometimes it's the coffee and chat that wins and sometimes we actually get some "work" done though my philosophy is if it feels like work, it's not craft - so don't make it feel like work: simple really, isn't it?